New blog

I used to run a blog but it somewhat fell by the wayside while I was doing my masters.  Looking at the stats for my old blog the last post was in May 2014 and a lot of the posts were personal rather than technical.  This blog might have personal posts too but I'm planning on focusing more on the technical side.

Previous versions of my blog (and site) used software I wrote myself.  It was an overhead but it did give me complete control which was nice.  The only problem was it took time, and that's something I have less of now I've a number of other projects on the go.  I could have continued using my old code but the site design looks dated (I'm no theme designer) and the code is old.  It's likely full of security flaws too.  So, for the first time I'm using a publishing platform written by someone else - Ghost.

I came across Ghost after Troy Hunt said he'd moved over to it.  After an experiment, and following this guide, I've decided to give this platform a go.  The theme might change though, so watch this space!

I've got some posts in the works already and I'm hoping to be fairly regular in posting.  No idea how that'll go but we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by!