Cisco CCNA exam changes

A comparison of the pre and post-Feb 2020 CCNA courses by Ross Bagurdes on Pluralsight.

A very brief post to provide some hopefully useful information.

On 24th February 2020, Cisco retired the old CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) exams known as 100-105 (CCENT), 200-105 and 200-125 (CCNA).  Whereas you used to be able to take either 100-105 followed by 200-105, or just 200-125, to get your CCNA those options have now been replaced with a single exam known as 200-301.

I've been studying for my CCNA on Pluralsight on half day release from work.  Some weeks I haven't been able to study, and there have been gaps, which means I've been studying for a long time.  Sadly that means what I've been learning isn't all on the syllabus any more (although still interesting nonetheless).

I've put together a handy Google Doc that lists differences in the Ross Bagurdes courses: Pluralsight CCNA pre Feb 2020 vs CCNA  200-301.  You must note the disclaimer in that document if you wish to use it.

The CCNA syllabus can be found on Cisco’s site and Quora also has a discussion on the changes.

Happy studying!