Podcasts I listen to - 2023 edition

An update on my podcast listening list.

Waveform of a podcast episode.

I've changed some of the podcasts that I listen to and thought "I can't blog about that, it was only a couple of months ago that I wrote an update".  Surprised to find my previous post was almost two years ago, I figured I'd put this update together.

This isn't quite an exhaustive list, but these are podcasts that I've listened to the most.

How do I listen?

Most of the time I listen to podcasts on my phone (generally via a Bluetooth headset) using AntennaPod.  I really like this app and it automatically downloads new episodes, adds them to my listening queue, and then deletes the file once its been marked as played.

Interestingly (to me anyway), I've found that I quite like listening to podcasts at 1.25 or 1.30 times normal playback speed.  Most of the time I find I can still process the audio without problems, and I can fit in more podcasts this way.  Does mean "the weather" (music track in Welcome to Night Vale episodes) sounds a bit odd though!

I tend to listen to a podcast while commuting, out on a walk, while working, or when doing housework.

What do I still listen to?

The "Welcome to Night Vale" (a purple sky with an eye overlooking a town), "Darknet Diaries" (a laptop on fire) and "Smashing Security" (a laptop with a cracked screen next to a steaming cup of tea, on a two tone orange background) logos.

Remaining in the top spots are Welcome To Night Vale, Darknet Diaries and Smashing Security, podcasts I love and listen to regularly.  All three of these I give to monthly on Patreon.

Security Now's current logo - a dark blue background with the TWiT logo trailing around the words "Security Now".  In the centre of the "O" is a green padlock.

Another that I pay for monthly, albeit not on Patreon, is Security Now on the TWit network.  I mentioned in 2021 that I'd been listening to Security Now for over 15 years but that I'd been picking and choosing topics.  Recently I've moved to listening to the weekly episodes, partly because the longer episodes (about one and a half to two hours) suits my commute to and from work.  I signed up to a single show "Club TWiT" subscription so I get the show advert free.

The above four are probably part of what I'd call my "key podcasts" - podcasts that I'd actually be sorry to lose (and thus I contribute to financially).

"Art of Manliness" podcast logo, with a topless cartoon man in a boxing (fists clenched) stance, with pale yellow to dark red graduated horizontal lines behind him.

I've also been enjoying more of the Art of Manliness podcast episodes lately, as there's been some really interesting topics and, while still largely focused on American authors / guests, there have been a number of British guests on the show.

"Within The Wires" podcast logo, with a circuit board stylised damsel fly on a warm yellow background.

Within The Wires is a podcast I'm getting back into.  I'm now on season six, having listened to a lot of episodes in quick succession and I'm enjoying it.  I still think season one was my favourite though.

Logo for the "Sticky Pickles" podcast.

The laugh a minute, and sometimes risqué, podcast that is Sticky Pickles is still in my feed and listened to generally when I'm on my own or on a walk.  Some of the scenarios I really don't want to have to explain!

"Cautionary Tales" logo, with the title printed across the spines of a selection of books standing upright.

Cautionary Tales still provides a fascinating look into historical events, as Tim Harford examines them in more detail and highlights the key moral to be remembered or lesson to be learned.

What's new?

"Everything Everywhere Daily" podcast logo showing a collection of famous landmarks next to each other, including the leaning tower of Piza, Eifel tower, statue of liberty, "Big Ben", and a windmill.

Everything Everywhere Daily is probably another podcast in my "key podcasts" list, and something I only discovered in 2023.  In approximately 15 minutes, show host and creator Gary provides listeners with a reasonably detailed overview of a topic (e.g. "Oxygen", "The Big Bang", "Multiple Births") and the topics are wide ranging.

"Compiler" podcast logo, with the word "compiler" in the centre, written in red.  To its left are concentric letter "C" in a gradients of orange.

Compiler is a podcast from Redhat that looks at the various job roles found in the IT industry.  Having moved to a software development company last year, and meeting some job roles I'd not experienced before, this podcast gave me some interesting insights.

What moved down the list?

These are podcasts that I still listen to, but aren't at the top of my list - I'll pop them on if a title piques my interest or if I'm out of others.

One Strange Thing has dropped down the rankings a bit, as has the Home Assistant Podcast (I don't have much time to work with Home Assistant at the moment).  Both are still interesting, when I'm in the right mood (or wanting inspiration for automations).

What fell off the list?

The Ladybug Podcast ceased production, so has fallen off my list altogether now.  Initially the hosts were said to be taking a break due to other priorities, but I'm guessing the podcast is dead now.

Honourable mentions

These are podcasts that had a run limited to a particular topic, or that I dip in and out of, and I've been really impressed with some of these.  In particular some podcasts from BBC Sounds have been really well done.

Burn Wild (BBC Sounds) was a podcast series about "radical environmentalists" (protestors) in America that were protesting about global warming and wanting to stop the planet burning.  This is a documentary style podcast.

History's Secret Heroes (BBC Sounds / Radio4) looked at various people and their roles in World War 2, often standing up to oppression and unfair treatment.

Bad Women: The Blackout Ripper is another Pushkin production (the same group that do Cautionary Tales), and looks at the murders committed in wartime London by men taking advantage of emptier streets and darkness.

Banner image: Waveform of Security Now episode 938, viewed in Audacity.

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